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Preserved LU Trains

A legacy for the future...

The useful life of rolling stock on the London Underground is typically between 30-40 years. There have been examples of units lasting in service for more than 50 years (e.g. Metropolitan Line A60/62 stock) or as short as 12-13 years (Jubilee Line 83 tube stock), however when trains are replaced by LU, a small minority of cars may be saved by the London Transport Museum, other private museums or even individual collectors.

Whether saving such examples genuinely prevents these vehicles from being disposed of or merely delays the inevitable is a question that has never been definitively answered. In truth the answer lies in a formula that must calculate the future use of any saved unit, the long term funds that are available and not forgetting the availability of skilled manpower to restore and maintain the unit. One significant issue is that of reuse as few railways exist that would allow former London Underground trains to run using their own power.

Reuse - a real challenge as extensive work will need to be undertaken, however as an example, former LU vehicles have been refurbished and reused on the Isle of White since the 1960s.

Used with alternative motive power - less common, however there are a few as an example 59ts cars survive in use today on the Alderney Railway

Static exhibition - this is by far the most common destiny for saved vehicles, however many become prone to damage from the elements or needlessly by moronic vandals.

Alternative use - some interesting examples exist featuring former LU 83ts cars.

Each type of privately owned former LU rolling stock has its own page. The units that feature can be found occasionally in full working order, some are displayed and cared for by dedicated restorers, however others simply languish in a variety of conditions at numerous locations throughout the UK. The extensive reuse of stock on the Isle of White can be found in the 38ts page.

A Developing Section !

This section is not designed to remain static, but instead to develop and expand to include details, photographs and updates about as many privately owned types of former LU rolling stock as possible.

Anyone with material that they would be willing to submit and be published here can get in touch with ChrisW via his e-mail address or a PM on the DD Forum.