Numerous sites exist to cater for the London Underground enthusiast, that’s not to say that every enthusiast may be interested in the same thing. Rolling stock, stations, history, timetables, signaling, modelling.... the list is almost endless.

The list below is not exhaustive by any means, but contains a selection of enthusiast-run and official sites, listed in alphabetical order:

Abbey Road - Metromodels famous Abbey Road layout webpage. Model rail and Underground enthusiasts would probably have seen this model layout on ITV’s The Tube television series a few years ago and perhaps even in person if they have visited one of the LT Museum’s open weekends at Acton Depot.

Alwaystouchout - a website whose name refers to the action that Oyster card users need to do when leaving the network. It highlights road, rail and TfL transport projects in the London area, but doesn’t seem to have been updated for at least a couple of years.

Anorak Heaven - A photographic collection by a LU member of staff... and as the name implies, its a place only for anoraks... go on... get it out of your wardrobe and wear it with pride!

Clive’s UndergrounD Line Guides - in his own words “a series of pages describing the London Underground system and the independent railways of the London area - the Docklands Light Railway and the Croydon Tramlink”. The website looks a little ‘old school’ or basic, harking back to the early days of the internet, but has its own charm.

Cravens Heritage Trains - owners of two former LU trains, this is the CHT official website, however sadly doesn’t seem to have been updated since 30 September 2008 according to the date at the bottom of the news page.

Kabs Online Tube Maps - a new site that the author wants to develop to share his interest of London Underground... one to revisit in the future as the site takes shape.

London’s Abandoned Tube Stations - ever wanted to know how former Underground tube station look today? Wonder no more with this fascinating website that is kept up to date... highly recommended.

London Transport Museum - one website that never needs any introduction!

London Transport Museum: Friends - apparently they like the Museum and want to be friends with it... but that’s just a rumour! If you want to be friends with the Museum too, this site is a must!

London Underground Railway Society - founded in 1961, the LURS “exists to study all aspects of London's underground railways - past, present and future”. Their website looks professional and is well worth a visit. Anyone who loves everything LU should consider joining, if not for the monthly meetings, certainly for their monthly magazine, Underground News, that is edited by Brain Hardy.

Railway Technical Web Pages - a recently rebuilt site that is “packed with articles about railways, covering technical, operational and financial issues”. The website also includes articles written by the webmaster for Modern Railways magazine.

Squarewheels - an enthusiast website covering a lot of interests besides the Underground

Stickers on the Underground – ‘guerrilla stickers’ as applied to Underground Line maps

Transport for London - a must website for commuters and anyone who wants to know how to get home from work regardless of the mode of transport!

Transport for London: London Underground - TfL’s website for Underground commuters... and to find out how the tube is currently performing or what upgrade projects are ongoing or about to start!

Tubeprune - the TubeProfessionals' RUmour NEtwork. This Trainweb site is highly recommended for anyone trying to gain an understanding about all things Underground whether railway staff or enthusiast. Tubeprume is also one of the District Dave LU Forum administrators.

Underground History: Disused Stations on London Underground - another website dedicated to closed Underground stations and just as highly recommended, with nearly two million visitors since March 2000.


There are numerous bloggers who mention the Underground, either as part of their professional lives, or in passing as they explore the London metropolis. The examples listed below are well work a visit:

Along the Central Line - A blog about “Life in general from someone beyond the western extremities of London's Central Line. A bias towards musings on transport and travel.

A Central Line Train Operator’s blog - occasional musings from a Central Line T/O

Diamond Geezer - observations, experiences and events in the London area with an occasional Underground or transport slant, made daily since 31 December 1999 by London’s one and only Diamond blogging Geezer.

Ian Visits - whilst Ian admits that his blog “doesn’t really have a core theme”, he covers many transport matters and the site is updated daily... another worthy contribution to our understanding of the London Metropolis.

London Reconnections - “Blogging on transport projects and transport issues in and around London”. A highly recommended site which is kept up to date by John Bull with the very latest transport news from around the London area... the site also advertises for contributors.

London’s Transport - a blog by District Dave forum member Mackenzieblu, however sadly has not been updated for some time.

London Underground Tube Diary - Annie Mole’s famous “irreverent & informative”, award-winning LU blog that needs no introduction.

Thoughts of Angel - “your daily dose of fun laughter and thought” as posted by staff at Angel station on both a station notice board for commuters and since July 2011, now also on their blog. Guaranteed to raise a wry smile or a contemplative thought!

Underground Gal - the reflections of life behind the handle by a LU train operator and District Dave forum member, which sadly has not been updated for some months.

Version3point1 - a more personal blog with photos by another member of LU staff, hobby photographer and District Dave forum member.

Further Reading

Numerous books, often republished and updated, have been written about London Underground. Once again this list is by no means comprehensive, merely suggesting a broad range of both hardback and softback editions that the Underground enthusiast may find informative. Visitor recommended books (with ISBN numbers) would also be welcomed and in time will build into an extensive list. The books mentioned below have been published since the early 1970s and are listed in titled alphabetical order.


Abandoned Stations on London’s Underground (A Photographic Record) : J.E.Connor

ISBN 0-947-69930-9


Farewell to the Q Stock Trains : R.W.Cullen and R.Evans

Originally printed by The Leatherhead Press 1971 and reprinted by London Transport Museum Friends in support of the Q stock restoration project 2007


London’s Disused Underground Stations : J.E.Connor

published by Capital Transport in association with London’s Transport Museum

ISBN 1-85414-250-X


London Transport in the 1970s : Michael H.C.Baker

published by Ian Allen

ISBN 0-7110-3130-4


London Transport in the 1980s : Michael H.C.Baker

published by Ian Allen

ISBN 978-0-71103283-5


London Transport Museum Guide

ISBN 978-1-871829-18-1


London’s Underground : John Glover

Railway World Special - published by Ian Allen

ISBN 0-7110-1355-1


London’s Underground (11th Edition) : John Glover

published by Ian Allen

ISBN 978-0-7110-3429-7


London Underground Rolling Stock : Brian Hardy

published by Capital Transport

ISBN 1-85414-263-1


Mind the Doors! Tales of a tube train driver, since 1966 : Robert Griffiths

ISBN 1-85794-197-7


One Stop Short of Barking (Uncovering the London Underground) : Mecca Ibrahim

published by New Holland

ISBN 1-84330-708-1


Principles of London Underground Operations : John Glover

published by Ian Allen

ISBN 0-7110-2739-0


Steam to Silver : J Graeme Bruce

a London Transport Publication

First published 1970, Hardback edition 1975


The Brunels’ Tunnel

published by The Brunel Museum

ISBN 0-9504361-2-7


The District Line - An illustrated History : Mike Horne

published by Capital Transport


The London Transport Jubilee Book 1933-1983 : Oliver Green and John Reed

published by The Daily Telegraph

ISBN 0-901684-86-4


The London Underground (A diagrammatic History) : Douglas Rose

ISBN 978-1-85414-315-0


The London Underground Tube Stock : J. Graeme Bruce

published by Ian Allen in association with the London Transport Museum

ISBN 0-7110-1707-7


The Shelter of the Tubes : John Gregg

published by Capital Transport

ISBN 185414-244-5


The Subterranean Railway : Christian Wolmar

published by Atlantic Books

ISBN 978-1-84354-023-6


The Tube Beyond Edgware : Tony Beard

published by Capital Transport

ISBN 1-85414-246-1


Underground Movement : Paul Moss

published by Capital Transport in association with London’s Transport Museum

ISBN 1-85414-226-7


Underground Official Handbook : Bob Bayman & Piers Connor

published by Capital Transport

ISBN 1-85414-169-4


Underground Train File - Surface Stock 1933-1959 : Brian Hardy

published by Capital Transport

ISBN 1-85414-247-X


Underground Train File - Tube Stock 1933-1959 : Brian Hardy

published by Capital Transport

ISBN 1-85414-235-6