District Dave: Images


These are screenshots of David Maloney taken from the East London and District recording that are reproduced with kind permission of Video 125 Ltd.

Dave briefly posted his recollection of the day that filming took place on the forum:

Not sure about the 'movie star' sunglasses - they were genuine London Underground issue in the days before I had to wear my specs all the time - the advance of age!

It was an interesting experience being involved in that; I didn't just do the driving - I also helped with the planning of what we were going to do when, which trains to use and giving guidance re: the technical and commentary stuff.

It was a nightmare getting the filming done - the weather conspired against us for weeks (it was filmed late-August) and the railway was completely destroyed the day we filmed! That's why there were quite a few anxious glances at my watch.

One day I'll write the whole story from what I can recall of it!

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