Forum Staff

There are three groups of staff who help to maintain the forum, all chosen by District Dave himself. All staff members are first & foremost ordinary contributing members of the forum - it just so happens that they have the power to take action when the rare occasion warrants it.

Global Moderators

Angelislington (or AI): Is it secret places and hidey-holes? Is it Art Deco? Is it being an ex-goth? It's more London than the city above it - who knows what originally fostered AI's love of Tubey things and the Northern Line but she's now an all-out UndergrounD fan. While she did work for LU and LT Property for a short while, today she’s an IT trainer and basic English/Maths tutor for adults. She confesses to buying every noisy CD on eBay, reading graphic novels & sci-fi/cyberpunk books, squealing with excitement at MotoGP shenanigans and cuddling her four squashy boy ratties.

Pointless Fact: An anagram of AI's surname is 'It's Never Dull'.... she also wakes up most mornings thinking of the word 'onomatopoeia'.


Art: A former LU member of staff who used to drive on the artery coloured line!

Pointless Fact(s): There’s more than one, in that Art loves cycling and also dyes his hair all manner of crazy colours and styles.


DavidH: A lifelong Underground enthusiast, I have been photographing the tube on and off since 1988. Used to drive buses or coaches, but but now a Royal Mail driver. Married with twins.

Pointless Fact: Keen photographer who refuses to give up on film and home processing.


Dstock7080: Interested in public transport, particularly LT buses, from an early age. Probably responsible for sending his Brother onto LT Railways so he could find out for himself! Joined LT at the earliest opportunity, as an Operating Apprentice. Forum member from the forum’s very early days and had pleasure of working alongside 'District Dave'. Today he works on the green line, but during his time with LU, has occasionally defected to other lines... perhaps he should be called boomerang as he always returns!

Pointless Fact: He’s an avid devotee of all things Gerry Anderson and could probably quote scripts from "Carry On" films all night... so remember never go to the pub with him!!!


Harsig: Has an encyclopaedic knowledge about all things signalling on London Underground... and even uses signalling terms in everyday conversation...

Pointless Fact: He plays with signals at work... and also at home. Harsig is lucky enough to have a full-sized Semaphore signal in his back garden.


MetControl: Currently serving a life sentence since leaving school for the institution known as The London Underground. Presently occupied as a Line Controller on the Metropolitan Line, which is how he came up with that imaginative username.

Pointless Fact: He don't own a passport, and his real name is an anagram of the words "nude rascal." But rest assured, he claims, there'll be none of that sort of behaviour from him on the forum!


MRFS42: Born as a result of the Abermule accident in January 1921. MRFS admits to having an unhealthy obsession with working timetables ranging from the Festiniog Railway in 1856 (via the Rio Grande Southern) to anything from the Underground and that he knows too much about signalling.

Pointless Fact: Dislikes the GWR and claims to understand the significance of Isle of Man, Obi-wan Kenobi and Baby Bio... for the sake of you’re own sanity its probably best not to ask!


Rich32: Was concieved as a South Londoner, but turned out to be a Essex-Boy. Despite having a life long interest in the railways, it was only after waking up from the 20-year long nightmare of being a retail slave, he finally realised his true calling... instead he went to work for LU.

Pointless Fact: Despite, loving tomato everything, Rich32 cannot stand raw tomatoes... that’s just strange!


SE13: Lewisham born & bred bus driver who’s based in Lincoln. Separated with 5 children who are driving him nuts... and an Arsenal supporter!

Pointless Fact: Has a fear of heights and is allergic to chocolate... whether this is ALL chocolate or simply chocolate strategically placed at the top of a very tall stepladder we have no idea!


Tomcakes: Acting as the ambassador to the North amongst the Mods, Tomcakes is also a fully qualified cynic and card-carrying Grumpy Young Man. He can normally be found attempting to coax a computer into working, or wielding a soldering iron... and he’s not afraid to use it (on a computer)

Pointless Fact: Tomcakes can happily spend 7 hours on a train, but is scared stiff of flying.


The administration team also handle member discipline issues and preside over the general policy & direction of the forum.

Chris W: Became a lifelong railway enthusiast at the age of 9 having already become become fascinated by the red liveried CO/CP and 38ts stocks that served the underground when he was very young. Today he’s an IT Trainer, working in the City of London for a industry leading real estate firm and is a keen amateur photographer... well you could have guessed the latter from the photo.

Pointless Fact: Chris has recently listened to the entire original radio version of The Hitchickers Guide to the Galaxy for the very first time. In his opinion the first radio series is very close to the 6-part television series and has the same charm... and is infinitely superior to the appalling film released in 2005 that was as much use as a pair of dingo’s kidneys!


Colin: Has always had an interest in public transport, simply because his parents never had driving licenses. Consequently he always travelled using public transport and, like many youngsters, wanted to be a bus or train driver when he grew up (although he also wanted to become a fireman too at one stage). In the mid 1990’s Colin obtained his PCV license, allowing him to drive buses with Stagecoach in East London. Over subsequent years, he drove for a variety of bus operating firms in East London and South West Essex, until in 2001 he noticed a tiny job advert in the Evening Standard newspaper for London Underground. Applying, he passed the recruitment stages, becoming a member of station staff at Earls Court. Since then he’s progressed through the grades, having worked in ticket offices and station control rooms. Today he’s a train operator on the District line.

Pointless Fact: Colin owns every episode of London’s Burning and The A Team on DVD... and is too busy watching them to decide on what to collect next!


Phil: A “jack of all trades, master of how many”??!!!! In his time he has been... not in any order.... a Medical Researcher, Technical Sales Consultant, Bus driver (twice) Physics teacher and Construction Site Engineer. Then away from work he has also been a Parish councillor (and chairman for a while), Accordionist in Coutry Dance Band, Musician and Worship leader in local church. As you can see from the photo, Phil is quite a black & white character!

Pointless Fact(s): his family tree can be traced back directly to Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, whilst his interest in London Underground started at a young age... on his way to school he used to deliberately miss several trains of Standard Stock in the hopes of getting one of the new 'silver' 56ts trains.


Tubeprune: Became interested in the history of the Underground after talking to a fellow guard who had worked on the Piccadilly Line for 50 years... this was back in 1966 !

Pointless Fact: Believed to be the first motorman to be allowed to transfer from operations to rolling stock engineering.


Founders hold the same status as Administrators, but have taken a step back from the day-to-day control of the forum.

AlanL: A former green line T/O, who’s headed back north in 2006 and is back on the buses !

Pointless Fact: Many years ago Alan worked for a private security company and at one point was assigned to protect... Orville the Duck!!! So just to clarify this was just the DUCK... not even Keith Harris... just an annoying green puppet!


Solidbond: Has been a member of Dave’s team from the very outset of the forum, whilst career-wise Solidbond has bounced between the red and green lines but today is very firmly back home.

Pointless Fact: Whenever he has a spare moment Solidbond can be found polishing his pride and joy... his Jaguar XF!