District Dave’s LU Forum

The District Dave forum has become a premier place for the discussion of not only London Underground, but also the other railways operated by Transport for London.

Why the need for a forum?

Dave realised that nowhere existed on the internet that adequately catered for a group with this common interest to openly discuss this fascinating topic. Its an interest shared by railway enthusiasts and many railway employees alike... and sometimes the clear division between the two starts to blur a little. When so many people have an interest in the world’s first underground railway system... its seems only logical that if a place doesn’t already exist to allow everyone to come together, why not create one yourself?

When did the District Dave forum start?

Where the old Bravenet forum site ended (see button above), the new Proboards one started!

Dave’s reasons for starting a new forum was down to the restrictive environment of the old Bravenet site. The Proboards site opened for business back on Saturday 19 February 2005 and initially anyone could post comments with no need to be a member. Within a few days though visitors were able to create membership accounts for themselves.

The day the forum very nearly ended!

Though not intentional, District Dave suffered with a bout of  ‘clicky finger syndrome’ on 6 September 2005. He pretty much deleted the entire contents of the forum up to that date by accident. So the forum in effect started again.

The only reason why we forgave Dave was due to the forum being so young. But we enjoyed reminding him of his little faux pas.

Its still a shame we lost almost 7 months of early threads though!


District Dave Forum


Today the range of topics are truly vast, however this didn’t happen overnight. Initially with only a few members, as its name suggests, the District Dave forum concentrated pretty much solely on the District Line. Then as the membership grew it became apparent that the other lines needed to be catered for as well as DLR and London Overground. That’s not to say that the forum may not change or even expand again in the future.

Today with more than 800 members, our community is made up of a rich cross-section of enthusiasts, photographers and London Underground staff at a variety of levels.

Why not sign up and become a member?

It couldn’t be simpler... visit the forum via the image above and scroll almost all the way down until you find LOGIN. Then click on Create New Account and fill in the details.

New members are approved as quickly as possible but the process may take a day or so.

We hope to welcome you on board soon!

The Smallprint

Posts made on the forum are the responsibility of the member and do not necessarily express the views and opinions of the Forum staff. If anyone is concerned about the nature of any post, please make the Staff aware via PM so that action can be taken as soon as possible. Also be aware that the staff are not responsible for any external links away from the forum.