LU Staff


The vast majority of London Underground customers will only ever come into direct contact with station staff when purchasing tickets or on platforms. They will of course also be aware of Train Operators who actually control/drive the trains, however behind the scenes though, there are a whole plethora of additional staff that are invisible, but do play an essential role in maintaining a working railway.

The concept of this section is to looks at the range of different roles that staff undertake in operating Londonís Underground railway


As railways are of course dangerous places with strict regulations that must be applied to minimise risk and limit delays, this section also examines training that staff receive.

All Underground staff are extensively trained according to their professional role. To demonstrate this, District Dave wrote articles about his experiences when training to qualify as a Train Operator for Tubeprune back in mid-2001. Dave reproduced them again on his Trainweb site and due to their continuing relevance they are reproduced once again within this section of the new District Daveís LU Site.

PLEASE NOTE: Since it was written some of the processes of training Train Operators have changed, mainly in the order of some of the events, where they are carried out, by whom and the duration of some parts of the course. Dave has endeavoured to highlight these in other appropriate sections, however additional elements may again have changed in the meantime. These pages still give an invaluable insight though.

An Evolving Section

Currently this section relates solely to the processes involved in the training of a Train Operator and of an Instructor Operator, documents that were part of the original TrainWeb site.

It is intended for this to be an evolving section with additional roles being added from time-to-time, covering many of the professional roles that make up London Underground such as Station Assistant, Line Management, Signalling, Engineering and the range of work undertaken in Depots.